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Stored Energy

Dear Friend,

I liked science growing up, but it wasn't really my "thing". However, when we got to the section on the discussion of matter, energy and motion my interest was peaked. The entire discussion on energy, had my undivided attention. Why? Let me give a little bit of a science lesson first(thank God for Ms. Donaldson in the 9th grade). Energy, is effort, the capacity of being active, Energy is a measure of the ability of an object or a system to do work on another object or system.

There are many different types of energy, or forms of energy, that exist in the universe. These are the different ways that an object or a system can possess energy. The most basic and fundamental type of energy is kinetic energy. This is also referred to as the energy of motion. In contrast, potential energy is stored energy. Think about a book placed on the edge of a table. However, if the book doesn't move off the table then, it's only potential it's not energy in motion. Another type of energy is elastic energy, Elastic energy is a type of potential energy that can be stored. One of the key aspects of elastic energy is that the material used to create the energy always returns to its original form. Sort of like a rubber band, it always ends up in the same place.

In a young space, I knew we were supposed to be in motion (useful), creating and doing something. It was very hard for me to sit around and just be. I was always creating, developing, thinking or dreaming. That's why the concept of energy excites me to this day. Living things are denoted by moving. Our faith could be compared to the energy, until it's in motion, it is NOT doing any work, for example a book, sitting on the edge of desk is not useful knowledge until it's read and put into motion. The point of it all, energy reminds me that Faith without WORKS, is absolutely dead. Elastic energy reminds, me that if I don't get outside my comfort zone, I am going to end up right back in the same place. God created us to be in motion, forever walking in the direction of His grace.

Energy in Motion,


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