Facing Our Fears

Dear Friend,

Oh how I love to share these personal moments of growth with you. In our house, we have had to face some pretty big fears, and some fears that could perhaps seem pretty small or petty to others. However, we are learning to overcome daily, and it is amazing to see the victory of God in our life.

Yesterday, we (or shall I say Josiah) had the opportunity to face his fears at the dentist.

Josiah is brave in many areas, but has never liked the dentist or anyone else in his mouth. He has always said it was uncomfortable and has always exhibited high amounts of anxiety. Well let me state this clearly, the dental hygienist has walked him out the back before and said, "I am not dealing with this today, he's too anxious!" 😦.

Yesterday, we had to go in for our regular cleanings. Josiah, had three baby teeth that hadn't fell out (but the adult teeth had come in) and the baby teeth needed to come out. I assured him he was only going in for a cleaning and that they may make some suggestions. The dental assistant came and said, "While cleaning his teeth, one of his baby teeth came out!" (which is funny because last night he prayed for a miracle) but she said, "The dentist needs to take his other two teeth out, she said they are loose, it won't take long, but he told her (the dentist no) no, so I came to talk to you." As I was signing the papers for them to take the teeth out, he walked out the back with big eyes, and went to use the bathroom. As he came back I informed him that he would have to get those teeth pulled, He had tears in his eyes and said, "Mom, please no, let's just see if they will come out as well!" We had already negotiated this deal 6 months ago, so I decided it was time for an intervention. Mind you, he was still anxious and upset.

A few minutes later he came out the back with the other two teeth pulled and a mouth full of gauze. The assistant said, "He probably feels silly, because it wasn't bad at all!" He looked at me and shook his head yes. A little later in the car, he was saying I did good, I prayed. I was still afraid but I prayed and I calmed by body down. I only tensed up once, but I stayed still so they could finish. I told him I am proud of you bud, you faced a fear.

Facing fear, doesn't mean we don't do it with trembling or anxiety, facing fears mean that with the anxiety and with the fear we keep on moving "anyhow". That's called being courageous. 2 Timothy 1:7, "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline."