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She loves me, she loves me not!

Dear Friend,

One of my all time favorite movies is the The Little Rascals movie from the 1990’s. It had a scene where Alfalfa was holding a flower and picking off petals one by one saying, “She loves me, she loves me not, (and when he got to the last one he ended with) she loves me!” His face lit up with joy and satisfaction. He was assured in that moment because of some divinely inspired probability that Darla (the lover of his little soul) truly loved him!

My friend we are loved by our Father. He has told over and over in His Word. He has shown us time and time again. But the sad truth is although we say it, repeat it, sing it, hang it up on the wall, tell others, wear the shirt, and tell Him we know...sometimes our responses reflect that we really don’t know His love! Many times we will sit and pick apart the things we have been blessed with. Or even go around dissecting what we have going on in our lives, and say what Alfalfa said, “He loves me...because I got the promotion! He loves me not...because I had an outburst of anger and lashed out. He loves me...because I went three straight days with reading the Bible app plan I downloaded last week.” The flip flop roller coaster of wavering emotional responses could go on and on.

During LMJ’s devotional, “I Am Loved” (If you haven’t seen it you need to watch it, listen to it and replay it) I was reminded that none of that matters! He loves me no matter what! He loves me because I’m His! He loves me because my life is hidden in Christ! He loves me and does good to me because I am heir to the throne! I’m royal! And yes things will happen...but no matter what the situation brings, God is with me and He loves me! And it’s established that His love will NEVER change!

We are always victorious and come out on top! Be encouraged today! Because of Jesus Christ we are righteous! We don’t have to guess whether or not He loves us. And if there are still places where we are unsure we must renew our minds and speak His Word over and over and over again. And when confidence is built we need to continue speaking it! His love is a constant that endures and is everlasting (see 1 Corinthians 13) God’s love is not a mere moment of probability or’s a covenant promise! May the eyes of our hearts be opened! We were created to receive His love!

Loved by the best,


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