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Do the Right Thing!

Dear Friends,

On a ride to Hot Springs on MLK Day, since I was the passenger I decided to snooze. Then, I heard the driver of the car say, “Oh they coming for me.” As I looked in the side passenger’s mirror, I noticed a black state trooper car coming up fast behind us with his lights flashing. I, immediately looked at the driver to asked them were they speeding. They replied, “yes”! Well the trooper came to my side and proceeded to let the driver know that they were going 75 mph in 60 mph speed zone. The officer gathered the paperwork he needed, and came back with a ticket and a court date. From that moment on the driver began to do the speed limit. They began to share with me, how they didn’t see the officer and that they were pretty good at seeing them while traveling. They even began to get a little anxious from going the right speed limit. They shared with me how it had been years since they had driven the actual speed limit, or even gotten a speeding ticket.

The Holy Spirit immediately convicted me. He showed me how easy it was to get comfortable at doing the wrong thing, because we have gotten away with it so long. How the enemy will even try to make us anxious, when we choose to stop doing things the wrong way. However, after it cost us something, we find ourselves ready to do the right thing. How many things are we still doing today that we know the Lord has told us to stop? Listen, God is all seeing. Like the driver of the vehicle we may have gotten away with our sins for years, but when it’s time to pay the cost are we really willing? We may have learn to cut corners, or hide so that no one sees us, but will does that give us permission to keep doing wrong, when you know the right thing to do?

James 4:17 (TPT) “So if you know of an opportunity to do the right thing today, yet you refrain from doing it, you’re guilty of sin.”

As James encouraged me, I want to encourage you. If today you know the right thing to do, do it. We don’t have to wait until we get caught to stop. Monday, was an eye opener for me to examine myself, to see how many things how I gotten comfortable doing, when I know that they are wrong.

Do what’s right, even when you think no one sees you.

Chanda Rose

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