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Daddy's Little Girl

Dear Friend,

It’s funny because I didn’t grow up with my biological father. As a matter of fact I didn’t meet him until I was thirteen (13). Regardless of the time that has lapsed between us, I would still consider myself a daddy’s girl. There is just something about when I connect to my dad. There is a thing between us that seems to be understood. Even at my age when I see him, I snuggle up against him and get kisses and love for him. If something is going crazy in my life, I want to call my dad first to get his perspective. The funny thing is our relationship hasn’t always been perfect, nor do we always agree. However I know that my dad loves me and will be here for me until he leaves this earth. I understand who I am in connection to him and that is all that matter to me.

This morning God reminded me of our relationship. I am daddy’s (Abba’s) little girl, this means I have to understand God, as father. For some people this may be difficult, especially if they didn’t have a good relationship with their earthly father. It may be hard for them to see HIM (God) in this role. But it doesn’t change who He is, it doesn’t change what his role is as father to us. God the father demonstrates to us, how we are engrafted in his DNA. It shows the relationship between he and I differently than most of us have been taught. It teaches us to honor, respect and revere him, but also give us an expectation to receive from him. Is it possible that we haven’t received what we need to receive from God because we don’t understand his role as Father? He is your provider, your protector, your comforter, He provides wisdom when needed, His desire is to spoil you and provide for you all that you need. He is also your disciplinarian, your coach, your mentor, your first teacher. His desire is to love you, to get to know you, to walk with you through life. He is forgiving and provides grace and mercy, every time I have needed it. He is my daddy, and NO good thing will he withhold for me. Your daddy (God) loves you and his desire is for you to Him to have a healthy relationship with Him, it’s now time for you to accept it and receive it. It's His desire to bless you!

Prayer: Father thank you for being my Father. Thank you for loving your child, even when I couldn’t love myself. Thank you for giving me my identity in Christ. Thank you for reminding me I am a joint heir to Christ and no good thing will you with hold from me. Holy Spirit, when I fall short remind me of my spiritual DNA, in Jesus Name. Amen

Reference Scriptures: Psalms 84:11, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Matthew 6: 25-32, Matthew 7: 7-12, Matthew 23:9, Psalms 68:5, Malachi 2:10 and Ephesians 1:3)

Daddy's Little Girl,


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