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Loving Myself is Ok...

Dear Friends,

I just want to take the time in this devotional to thank Love (God) for showing me that it is really okay to love myself. Lord, I thank you for showing me that you love me in my imperfections, with my flaws, in my failures thru the good times and through the bad. It’s because of His unfailing love towards me, that I am on a journey to truly loving myself. This loves for myself isn't contingent upon my husband, my children, my family, my ministry, or anything else. This love is found in safety and rest in the truth, that to know God is to know love. From that love connection alone, it has aroused a new found love for myself.

I John 4:8 NIV, “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

It’s never easy to learn that you really haven’t been loving yourself properly. It is an even bigger eye opener to find out that to know God, I have to know Love, and that love starts with me. I could never have a healthy relationship with anyone, until I first have a healthy loving relationship with myself. Go ahead and love yourself. You're worth it.

Love I thank you,

Chanda Rose

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