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In this Season....

For everything there is a season; a time for every activity under heaven…...a time to be quiet and a time to speak. Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7

Dear Friend,

Most of us are used to living a rushed and hurried lifestyle. We rushed to work every day. During the work day, we rushed to complete each task to get to the next one. We rushed through interactions with co-workers, hearing them talk but not really listening. We rushed home. We rushed through lunch or dinner with friends. We rushed through homework with our children as we had to get them to their basketball practice or dance lessons on time. Because we were so busy, we often ignored phone calls from friends since we didn’t have time to talk right then. Our existing schedules left us desiring more family and friends time but being so busy we didn’t make it a priority.

As of this writing, our world has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our once busy lives have slowed down drastically. The term “social distancing” is now a part of our every hour conversation. Many of us are on modified work schedules, working from home, and unfortunately, many are no longer employed. Much of our time is spent confined to our residence. More time with our immediate families has become a daily reality while we miss eating out with our friends. This new season has caused fear, alarm, and panic in some people. For others, it has challenged their faith and brought a greater dependence on God. Many are voicing their anxious thoughts and their mistrust of the days to come.

Friend, in this season, be mindful of your words and use your time wisely. Be sensitive to those around you. I trust God. I know He alone is my source and my provider. He is my healer. He sends His angels to watch over and protect me and everything connected to me. No evil will come near me. I also know, there are others who do not know of God as I do. Be aware of the negative feelings your friends, family, and social media friends are experiencing. Don’t dismiss them. Use this time as an opportunity to introduce them to Christ. Use this time to hear from God through the Holy Spirit. You may not hear an audible voice, but we hear from Him through His word. Just a few short weeks ago, we were distracted and we often put God at the bottom of our priority list. Now, many of the distractions are removed. Diligently seek God with your time.

Seasons change. Eventually, the world will go back to its fast pace. Allow this time to make you better so you come out spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

Praying for you,

Tracye M.

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