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Praise Him in Advance...

Dear Friends,

I want to encourage you during these times that our government has called a “pandemic’, to keep a praise in your mouth. I know it’s not always easy when so many things are going on around us.

Psalm 149:4-9 enlightens us to how praise moves God to work on our behalf. “For the Lord takes delight in his people;” that’s you and I, and we must stay in a place of humility. “He crowns the humble with victory (vs. 4) “It’s time to break out with a praise, and sing for joy on your beds” (vs. 5). Our bed may be sickness, unemployment, loss of income, ailing health, loss of a loved one, debt, drug addiction, loneliness, failing relationship, or any other crisis. This is not the time to coward in this, this is time to get up and offer a sacrifice of praise to our King. Verse 6 reminds us “to keep a praise in our mouth and two edge sword in our hands.” (Vs. 7) “these warring weapons will bring vengeance on every opposing force and every resistant power.”

Marvin Sapp, had a song called, “Praise Him in Advance”, to which is says, “God came and spoke these words to be, Praise will confuse the enemy.” Do you want to confuse your enemy, and confuse the enemy? Then open your mouth right now, and render to our God praise. Get ready and watch what He does for us, (vs. 9 )”Praise-filled warriors will enforce the judgment-doom decreed against their enemies. This glorious honor he gives to all his godly lovers. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!”

My Praise Is a Weapon,

Chanda Rose

(Both NIV and The Passion Translation used)

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