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God is with Us

Dear Friend,

One afternoon I was out in front of my home sweeping off the front porch. At that time my tribe of five ranged from ages 12 to 2, were actively moving about in the house. The funny part was how quiet and reserved they were while we were sitting together in the living room just minutes before. But it seemed just as soon as I stepped foot outside, they all went from zero to sixty in a matter moments. For some reason they thought because I was out of their sight then somehow I couldn’t hear or see them at all. Mind you I was sweeping the porch which has an exterior window connected to the living room were they were playing. I heard noises and bumping as if they had forgot everything they should’ve been doing. But I as soon as I walked back in...they jumped up at attention. They knew that I knew what had been going on and silence filled the room.

How many times do we not trust the promise of the Word where God says, that He is with us always or that He’ll never leave us nor forsake us...(See Matthew 20:28; Deuteronomy 31:6) If we truly took this to heart, we would know that He is with us in every single situation that we face. We would operate accordingly at all times because we know that His presence is always with us!

Today ask Daddy God to search our hearts. Ask Him to help us be more sensitive knowing that He sees and hears everything that we do. Therefore, let us be mindful of every thought and action. Thank God for His grace and mercy.

Loved by One,


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