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Two Steps...

Dear Friend,

A few weeks ago, I had walked into the store and picked up a few things. Honestly, when I walked in I wasn't aware of my surroundings (a lesson) in itself. As I came back out the store and put my things in the car, I was looking for a place to put my cart up. I looked up and the nearest place, appeared to be across "the way" (in the country that means a little further than I would like to go). So I started to take my cart "across the way". There was a truck parked next to my car and in the parking space in front of it as well. I stepped out a few steps and looked to my right, and there was a cart rack right next to me. It was just beyond what I could see. I said to myself, "Wow this has been here the entire time, it was right there!" What I needed was right in front of me, I just couldn't see it because something was blocking my view. All I had to do was take two steps and I had a clear view.

Friend, I started thinking about blessings and opportunities that I may have missed by that fact that I wouldn't take two steps. Now if I had only kept my eyes locked in on the place that was "out the way", I would have missed the opportunity for what was right next to me, which I consider to be God's Grace! It was closer and provided an advantage. I thought about the miracle experienced that Peter had when he trusted God enough to get out the boat, two steps produced a miracle (see Matthew 14:29), and he would have kept walking if he had NOT taken his eyes off of Jesus. There is something that happens when we take a step and move beyond what we see. Look at Ruth, had she not been in sync with Naomi, she would not had received Boaz (see the Book of Ruth). There are so many testimonies, and evidence in the need for us to step beyond what we see, just read the GOOD BOOK. I want to encourage you my friend, today, take a couple of steps, look in another direction, the favor, the grace of God, what you need could be in two steps, something you could not see.

Taking Two Steps,


Don't trust your eyes, they can deceive you! -OBi Wan Kenobi

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