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To Serve One Another

Dear Friend, Today's devotional comes from an excerpt of a devotional my friend D. Andrews, I love how God confirms something, Immediately!

Good Morning Ladies (and few gents),

A Thought for the Day: “Do what God has gifted and called you to do – period – and never apologize to anyone for doing so.” extracted from What is the Plan? by Mary Southerland.

When I first read GiG Mary’s devotion several years ago it resonated with me in ways I had not anticipated. I’d like to camp out here today because this is a great reminder for us all.

As most of you know, I am an introvert. I love my privacy, alone time, a quiet place, and a good book. I am mightier with the pen (or keyboard) than in person. I need lots of rest after I teach, talk, or travel with others. And for years, I have called the aftermath of experiences spent with people my introvert hangover. I am left tired, listless, and needing sleep. For the extraverts among us, you cannot imagine not being with other people and you find being alone draining, depressing, and disastrous.

Truth is, we are all God’s workmanship, masterpieces, and no two are alike (Eph 2:10). Our salvation is something only God can do. It is his powerful, creative work in us. With that said, here is some food for thought—if God considers us his works of art, then we dare not treat ourselves or others with disrespect or as inferior. OUCH or Amen!

Beginning nearly two decades ago I noticed that when God called me, He gifts me. And the same is true for you too. When I am called upon to talk or teach about Jesus or about a biblical worldview, I do not get nearly as tired. Hmmm…

So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 NLT

God is the author of life and we are all His image bearers, starting with our individual story and remaining in it. God made both man and woman, introvert, and extrovert in his image. Neither man nor woman, introvert nor extrovert is made more in the image of God than the other.

GiG, as we go about our day, in the temperament we have been given, let us seek to make a difference in the lives of those in our circle of influence. Our inheritance given at conversion through God’s unmerited grace, not as the result of any effort, ability, intelligent choice, or act of service on our part. However, out of gratitude for this gift, we will seek to help and serve others with kindness, love, gentleness, and not merely to please ourselves. While no action or work we do can help us obtain salvation, God’s intention is that our salvation will result in acts of service to ALL. We are not saved merely for our own benefit but to serve Christ and build up the church (Eph 4:12).

There is no greater time than the present to go therefore and serve one another. Yes, let us get outside our Christian bubbles and allow the Holy Spirit to lead in those hard conversations.

May we be encouraged to be mindful of those who have seen much hurt, pain, and poverty of spirit. They may have seen more and have chosen to say less because of their temperament. But if asked, you may be surprised what you learn. Yes, let all love like Jesus.

Called to serve and encouraging others to thrive,

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