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To Be Known by God!

Dear Friend,

There is a song that I have had on repeat for the last few weeks, it is "Known" by Tauren Wells. I have completely fallen in love with this song. A few of the verses overwhelm me to the point of tears.

"It's so unusual while it's frightening

You see right through the mess inside me

And you call me out to pull me in

You tell me I can start again

And I don't need to keep on hiding....

I'm fully known and loved by You You won't let go no matter what I do And it's not one or the other It's hard truth and ridiculous grace To be known fully known and loved by You I'm fully known and loved by You....."

As soon as I hear these words I am immediately pulled into two scriptural truths. Psalms 139....You searched me and you know me and even though you KNOW me, you still love me, immeasurably. And although I have messed up liberally in some seasons in my life, your grace and truth establish the fact that YOU still love me. And my life is evidenced by the FACT, that ALL things, not SOME things, work together for the GOOD of those that love the Lord (see Romans 8:28).

As I reflect over my life, I am fully convinced, NOTHING (see Romans 8:35) can separate me from God's love, it's unconditional. My scars bear the truth of it, because God keeps on loving me anyway!

Fully Known and Loved,


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