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Where is the Lord?

Dear Friend,

They did not ask, ‘Where is the Lord who brought us safely out of Egypt and led us through the barren wilderness—a land of deserts and pits, a land of drought and death, where no one lives or even travels?’ Jeremiah 2:6 NLT

GiG, do you notice the problem? Sadly, the Israelites had lost not only the presence of the Lord; they had lost curiosity about knowing where He was. They did not even care enough to ask. So, here we have it. The Israelites failed to acknowledge, take to heart, and keep those instructions. Now they had lost both God’s presence and the Promised Land. Yikes! Spiritual apathy had destroyed any desire or curiosity they might have had about the presence of the Lord.

Aw, but before we get on our high horse and look at their failures, let’s examine our own. OUCH! Yes, life will have times when it feels like we are in the middle of nowhere—those dark, scary, desolate moments when clouds of discouragement hover above in an effort to keep us from seeing God. It is in those moments we need to acknowledge His presence and cry out, “Where is the Lord? He will always respond and lead us out. However, when we follow our own ways, we remain stuck in a hopeless, unproductive wilderness.

Maybe you are like me and over the years you have worked through the regrets, and God has repaired, replenished, and restored hope for the future (Jer. 29:11). If so, that's reason to celebrate! If you're still on the journey, spend time today thanking Him for the process.

May we be encouraged to remove the blockage of “our way” and release the flow of “His way,” He will show up in every part of our lives. We just need to be curious and ask the right question: Where is the Lord?

Called to serve and encouraging others to thrive,

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