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Dear Friend,

Everyone has heard the saying,”No means No!” This is usually the end all parent statement to shut down a persistent child who is looking for a different answer.

In Psalm 91:10 our Father clearly states:

No harm will come to you. No sickness will come near your house.

How many times has a symptom showed up and we come before Him like the child who wants to hear a different answer. We go on and on with our buts and what ifs...while He stands firm on His Word! Emphatically repeating, “YOU ARE HEALED!” (FYI: His answer won’t change) Thank God for being that persistent Father who means what He says! God said NO sickness or disease. Then that’s exactly what He means! So we shouldn’t accept or tolerate the tiniest cough, cold, rash, inflammation, elevation of any vital signs, earache, broken relationship, debt and failure to thrive in our finances, car problem, heart flutter, sniffle, or allergic reaction! No more excuses for excepting anything less than Kingdom! You wouldn’t accept trash for lunch served on even the best of china. But why is that when we hear the 10K gold-plated lies of the enemy adorned with cubic zirconia that we freely accept it because it looks good to our flesh. Please know symptoms will attempt to distract you from the truth. And that truth is that we were healed because of Jesus’ completed work at the cross.(see Isaiah 53:5)

Today I don’t know whether you are dealing with physical sickness in your body, maybe a broken heart and wayward emotions, or possibly even financial sickness remember God’s word declares healing and protection! The promise is for our entire being Spirit, soul, and body!


Father, your Word is true and you cannot lie! Right now I receive your promise of protection from any sickness whether it be physical, emotional, financial, relational with friends/family/associates, or anywhere there is anything broken or missing in my life. I thank you for the healing virtue of Jesus to flow unhindered in every situation! In Jesus’ name, Amen

Life is too short to live stressed when you’re JessBlessed!

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