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I Can't Lose

Dear Friend,

In times of the greatest struggle there is usually the greatest victory. When it seems as if nothing is going right the moment you take a look around you realize that you actually made it! In the midst of what seems like the worst time of our lives it’s really just the set up for miracles!

See my friend the darker it gets, the brighter light shines! But it’s up to us to obey and trust God like never before! Take a look at Joseph. (See Genesis 37-50) There wasn’t just increase, favor, and promotion for him, but it effected his entire family for generations! What looked like desolation and no point of return for his brothers after they sold Joseph into slavery (and left him for dead) turned out to be all apart of the a bigger plan. A God sized plan that had God sized impact! Joseph flourished in the midst of famine! Everyone connected to him flourished too! Why? All because God was with Him!

It doesn’t matter what famine like situations you may be facing in your own life. When God is with you you’ll flourish too! It won’t make sense. And out of your surplus you be able to bless someone else. And know everything that was meant for your harm, God will use it for your good! (See Genesis 50:20)

Everything is going to be alright...besides life’s too short to live stressed when you’re JessBlessed!

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