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Dear Friend,

In my latter years of high school I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune blood disorder (Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura) This disease caused my immune system to reek havoc on my body by destroying my platelets (which is the clotting factor of our blood). My counts dropped to critical levels yet my body responded as if nothing was wrong. I was told that I should’ve experienced brain hemorrhage, kidney failure, heart failure just to name a few. When I tell you God hand was all over me...not a single vital sign flinched! The factor that was the glue in all of this was the Word of God! I wasn’t in a church at the time. I had no pastor to call. All I had was the Word. I had part of one scripture that I knew by heart regarding healing! It was Isaiah His stripes I am healed! At the time if anyone would have asked what the scripture meant there was no way I could articulate a logical explanation. For all I knew I envisioned Tony the Tiger stripes...I didn’t know it was referring to the stripes that were left from the brutal price Christ paid for me! All I heard and stood on was that because of these stripes I was healed! As the reports from the doctor turned from better to worst, back to better and then worst over a period of six months I declared, “By His stripes I am healed! Although there was hemorrhaging, and countless hours of transfusions I didn’t focus on it. The key to the manifested victory was keeping my eyes on Jesus! Not focusing on what was being said, assumed, or even predicted...I kept my eyes on The Healer! So what are you facing today? What looks like it’s lacking, broken, or missing in your life? The key to tapping into the Grace and manifesting the ALREADY declared victory is keeping your eyes on Jesus! Stop looking at the chaos and keep your eyes on the Prince of Peace! Stop looking at the lack and focus on The Provider! Stop looking at offense and focus on The one who is Love! Our answer is Jesus! Receive and rest in every promise! Besides life’s too short to live stressed when you’re JessBlessed!

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