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Trust Issues...

Dear Friend,

One time I had my finger stuck in a tube, don’t ask why. I 'm a kid 😂. I kept doing everything I could possibly do to get out without hurting or breaking my finger. I oiled, I pulled, twisted, soaked, held up and hammered as much as I could off. I even got so far that it looked like I could free myself but yet I couldn’t. I was still stuck. But then came along someone (my mom) who could free me. Someone who would help me push through the pain into reaching my freedom. Someone who asked only of me to relax and trust them so that they could get me free. Even though it seemed painful to break free, in the end it felt like nothing.

How often do we try to free ourselves from our own prisons? We try to get out anyway we can possibly be thought of but it just keeps failing. No matter how hard we fight, push, and run it just doesn’t work. That’s because we are not meant to free ourselves from this prison. Jesus is the one who will free us and He is sitting waiting for you to trust and relax in him. The Bible says to Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all our ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct our paths, Proverbs 3:5-6. We don’t have the capacity or the wisdom to do what Jesus can do. When we see the impossible He shows that it is fully possible.

Love Y'all,

Josiah J.

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