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My God Will Rescue Me!

Dear Friends,

What are facing today that has you feeling defeated? What mountains are before you that appear to be insurmountable? What sickness is attacking your body? Are you feeling the burden of debt? Are you facing issues in your relationships? Are you worried about your children? Are you drowning in sorrow from the loss of a loved one? Has these various trials left you feeling lost? Well my friends, I have very good news for you today!!!

II Peter 2;9 TPT, "If the Lord Yahweh rescued Lot, he knows how to continually (that is enough to shout about) rescue the godly from their trials and to reserve the ungodly for punishment on the day of judgement. The same God that rescued Lot from Sodom, is the same God who is able to rescue us from the trials of life. Lot was not without sin, but Lot did put His trust in God. It was because of that trust that Lot was spared from the destruction of Sodom.

Psalm 144:1-2 TPT, "There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me; it's in God alone and I love HIM! He's the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle. 2) He's my shelter of love and my fortress of faith, who wraps himself around me as a secure shield. I hide myself in this one who subdues enemies before me."

Webster 1828 Dictionary defines "subdue" as- to overcome, to conquer, to overpower, to destroy the force of, to conquer by force or exertion of superior power."

Today and everyday let us take the same position that King David took. He took on a relational position with God. He understood how much he loved God, and how much God loved him. He was settled in the truth that God was his strength when he was weak, and he was his hiding place from the trials of life. No matter what trial, opposition, or enemy that reared its head, David, knew that his God would exert His superior power and rescue him every time.

Brothers and sisters we serve that same God. The God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. I need you to look at the trials you are facing today, and boldly declare to them, "My God will Rescue Me." Now go enjoy your day, knowing that God has already made you more than a conqueror.

Shalom to those near and far,

Chanda Rose

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