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Do It Again, with Jesus!

Dear Friend,

Luke 5:5 AMPC, “ And Simon (Peter) answered, Master, we toiled all night (exhaustingly) and caught nothing (in our nets). But on the ground of Your word, I will lower the nets (again).

Peter was a fisherman by trade. He and his crew had been out all night, and the writer uses the word “toil”, which means to labor with pain and fatigue. It is considered to be labor that oppresses the body or mind. He was just worn out. However, Peter chose to be obedient. His obedience led him to experience the splendor of God’s second chance. You see Jesus, needed something from Peter that night, He needed his boat to preach to the crowd. So, Jesus had finished preaching to the crowd, he told Peter to cast his nets again, for a great catch.

This is where gets interesting because Peter had already experienced failure with his crew that night. Now, Jesus you want me to throw those clean nets back out, not to mention it’s a crowd of people watching now? So if I fail, the whole crowd will see it. Do this sound familiar to some of us? We can’t seem to obey, because fear of who may see us. Yet, Peter chose obedience, even when his skill set was telling him different. Jesus insisted, and Peter although resistant said, “At YOUR word I will let down the net.” Peter made a decision to try again but Jesus's way. When he did, the amount of fish he caught broke his net, and nearly sank the boat.

I don’t know what it is that you have been trying to do you your own way, but God is telling you this time I need you to do it my way. Will you try again with Jesus in boat with you? Failures never have to be fatal, if we choose to learn from those failures.

Do It Again with Jesus,

Chanda Rose

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