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God is the Director by Jessica M.

Dear Friend,

Nothing like that tear rolling down your cheek after the picture perfect scene in a love story. The couple overcomes their faults, the story climaxes and ends with a happily ever after. The End....Wait?!?!? What’s next?

In my immaturity, I used to fashion my life after my favorite movie scene or my favorite character from a movie. I memorized the script and I was at peace because I knew how the story would end. Somehow in an uncanny way I could take my personal circumstance and cram it in the constraints of the script. Allowing Hollywood to be my therapist and popcorn and snacks became my meds. But then the credits began to roll and reality set in. It seemed like a dream until I woke up. There I was trying to grapple for a vision given to me by the world and it had me messed up! Frustrated and desperate I knew there had to be a better way. When we surrender and trust in Him and his plan it makes it all things work out together for our good! (see Romans 8:28)

You might be saying, “But I don’t know how the story will end in this situation! And I can’t see what’s next? I am unsure and insecure right now! If I only could see the bigger picture of how THIS (fill in THIS with any struggle you’re dealing with right now) moment fits into the bigger scheme of things...then I’d be ok!”

Well, I have good news... and good news! He knows the plans that He has for you! And it’s up to us to trust Him! Jeremiah 29:11

Faith is based off of what we can’t see or feel! So if you could KNOW and figure it all out ahead of time, you wouldn’t need God and it wouldn’t be Faith! (Hebrews 11:1)

Take a step back today. Realize where you are positioned and seated in the situation. Make sure that you’re seeking His wisdom and not this world’s wisdom! (Matthew 6:33) And trust Daddy God who is the producer, screenwriter, director and everything else in between in your story life! Be at peace and rest in His plans! May Grace and Peace be multiplied to you!

Lights, Camera, Action, You’re On!



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