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God is the Qualifier

Dear friends

Have you ever considered yourself unqualified for something? Yes it is good to be humble, but we can also take it too far. It can be our excuse, and if we are honest, flat out, we are just fearful. God has lead us to do something, but then we second guess it. We question if this is even supposed to happen for us, or even if this is really God. We spend so much time trying to disqualify ourselves, when God has given us strength. “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.” Philippians 4:13 (NKJV) He has created us to do all things in him, therefore we are qualified. We are really more than qualified because of Who is on our side.

As I began to reflect on this I realized something….when I disqualify myself from something God has placed His hand on, then I try to disqualify Him as well. If we continue to live in a life of acting incapable, and not he-is-able then how will we ever accomplish His will? We won’t be able to because we won’t believe that he has created us to do any of it. So I encourage you to live in trusting God has created you to do all things. Let’s take all the limits off our minds and try to place our mind on Him. We find our strength in Christ Jesus, who more than qualified us all.

Finding He is My Strength,

Jo Jo


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