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Pay Attention to Detail by C Rose

"For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome."

(Jeremiah 29:11 AMPC)

Dear Friends,

I had signed up to be a dasher for Door Dash, a few weeks ago, but had not dashed until recently. With it being my first time out, I made sure that I followed all the directions given for each delivery. It was one particular delivery that I could not find the address even though maps had told me I had arrived. I called the number given for the customer, and it was disconnected. So, I decided to go into the app and read the detailed instructions left by the person requesting the delivery. It was in the details, that I found out exactly what they wanted me to do with their delivery. I had assumed that this delivery would be like the last four deliveries I had just made. Just pull up to the address, leave at door, take a picture, and hit send in the app.

You see the success of the deliveries I made that night, was in my ability to pay attention to the details. You see God has a given us directions (through His Spirit and Word) for each step of our lives, but it is up to us to pay attention to the details. We can't follow old delivery methods, with hopes that it leads us somewhere new. Nope, we have to open up His word, attune our ears to His spirit, and pay close attention to the details of (His word) concerning our lives. Our success for Kingdom, and in the Kingdom, is contingent upon our ability to pay attention to God's detailed instructions.

He knows the Details,

Chanda Rose


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