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Dear Friend,

I have always been intrigued with the scripture Luke 5:36-39. In this scripture Jesus is talking and admonishing those He is teaching that you can't put new wine into old skins. We know that He spoke in parables to make it relatable to HIS people. I had to do some research on the wine process and this is what I discovered. Wine has to go through the process of fermenting, when it is fermenting it expands (it grows), new wineskins have not been stretched therefore they support the growth process, however old wine skins have been stretched and because they can't be stretched any further they are not conducive to the fermenting process. They will bust because they don't hold the capacity for the new wine.

If you can't find the association in that to your own life, I want to help you, as the Holy Spirit helped me. In your walk with Christ, you will transition into seasons, each season is meant to grow or expand you, you have to have the capacity to be able to receive what's in the new season, which means you let go of something old. Old mindsets, old visions, old ways of doing things, old associations, your old past... God is doing a new thing. Do NOT reject or shy away from the "new skins". They don't fit your new season and won't prepare you for your new territory. Again, God is trying to do a new thing....




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