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Stretching the Truth by Jessica M.

Dear Friend,

“For just $99.99 you too can have your dinner fixed, kitchen cleaned, and floor swept with just the touch of a button!” As seen on TV and infomercials will have you thinking that the product can do anything! I saw it on tv. I read the read the reviews. I purchased it! Only to crack open the box, assemble it...and find out its KINDA like what was advertised.

Anyone that has ever experienced for this has just become a victim of exaggeration! I have a confession...I have been guilty of doing the same thing! For many years I’ve grappled desperately for attention because of low self-esteem. I believed that the only way for me to capture my audience was that I had to stretch the truth...(just a little bit!) So if I was asked, “Hey Jess, how’s the weather?” My response was, “It’s freeeeezing outside! It’s so cold that you probably wanna layer and carry a jacket for later! At least that’s what I would do. By the looks of it, it probably won’t warm up today.” Now because I shared this information with confidence and boldness most would’ve assume I had just watched the weather segment on the news. Knowing every detail like the low and high temp for the day along with the chances for rain percentage. But in reality, I haven’t watched anything. I assumed and made something up. I wasn’t a meteorologist! Actually, I just lied!!! This couldn’t have been a lie right?!? I just told someone part of the story, it wasn’t completely opposite of the truth. Nobody was hurt. I was just talking about the weather! When the Holy Spirit brought this to my attention, I have been more conscious about being clear and concise in my speech!

We are supposed to imitate God in everything that we do. Proverbs 30:5-6 reminds us that there is protection in telling the truth. Anything exaggerated with only leave you open to be exposed as a liar! I love Him too much to be lying just to have someone’s attention for two minutes.

Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you today with being clear, and concise with your words! Let my words be your Words! There are no excuses for exaggeration! With the help on the Holy Spirit and power of His living Word, our lives will change!

No more stretching the truth,



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